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Khoya Khoya Chand

Mumbai meri jaan


Mumbai Meri Jaan tells the story of 5 folks whose lives are affected on the 2006 Mumbai instruct bombings.

Rupali Joshi (Soha Ali Khan) is actually a successful reporter who is getting married in 2 months. Nikhil Agrawal (R. Madhavan) is actually an environmentally conscious executive who rides the instruct to work every day and is expecting his first child. Suresh (Kay Kay Menon) is super a struggling computer tech who spends his time loafing at a nearby cafe and criticizing Muslims. Meanwhile, Sunil Kadam (Vijay Maurya) struggles with the corruption and inefficiency from the Mumbai police force and his boss, Tukaram Patil (Paresh Rawal), who is nearing retirement.

On 11 this summer Nikhil and Suresh are in a very second class compartment of a educate when a bomb goes off inside a first class compartment. The 2 pull coming from, however Nikhil is too afraid to take the instruct againside and is diagnosed with acute stress disorder. Suresh will get obsessed with punishing the city's Muslims and is merely stopped from antagonising them from Kadam and Patil on patrol. Kadam and Patil abuse a street vendor named Thomas (Irfan Khan) who comences calling in fake bomb scares at malls to relieve his feeling. After an elderly man suffers a heart attack while the police are evacuating 1 mall, Thomas feels guilty and decides to stop.

Rupali, who rushed to the scene on the bombings to obscure the story, is devastated when she dishides that her fiancé died through the blasts. Her grief is often augmented when her news channel she works for tries to exploit her story for ratings. Meanwhile, Suresh pursues a Muslim that he suspects of being a terrorist. however, after Patil stops him and lectures him on communal harmony, he befriends the man.

After Nikhil's wife goes into labour he is forced to take the educate to get on the hospital. Mumbai stops for 2 minutes while the city observes a moment of silence in trihowevere to those killed inside a bombings as Patil finally retires in the police force and Kadam forgives him for his corrupt actions. Nikhil overcomes his fear of educates and Thomas gives a rose for the elderly man whose heart smash he caused.

Star Cast

  • Kay Kay Menon.... Suresh
  • Irrfan Khan.... Thomas
  • Soha Ali Khan.... Rupali Joshi
  • R Madhavan.... Nikhil Agarwal
  • Paresh Rawal.... Tukaram Patil
  • Vijay Maurya.... Sunil Kadam
  • Dinesh Lamba.... Scooter Owner
  • Kavin Dave.... Nandu
  • Ramdas Jadhav.... Constable Sawant
  • Sachin Pathak.... Guddu
  • Santosh Juvekar.... Ashok
  • Saksham Dayma.... Yusuf



Music Company

Release Date

  • 22 Aug 2008


  • Drama

Bollywood Movies

The motion picture won three Filmfare Awards: the Filmfare Critics Award regarding Best video, the Filmfare Best Screenplay Award plus the Filmfare Best Editing Award. Later it won the 2009 National Film Award for Best distinctive ramifications pertaining to Govardhan (Tata Elxsi).

It also won regarding Best Feature Film at the fresh Generation Cinema Lyon Film Festival. The movie in addition obtained a nomination to the Best Screenplay trophy at the 2009 Asia Pacific Screen Awards

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Filmography Soha Ali Khan


Year  Film  Role  Language 
2004 Iti Srikanta  Kamallata  Bengali 
2004 Dil Maange More  Neha  Hindi 
2005 Pyaar Mein Twist  Riya Arya  Hindi 
2005 Shaadi No. 1  Sonia  Hindi 
2005 Antarmahal  Jasomati  Bengali 
2006 Rang De Basanti  Sonia  Hindi 
2006 Ahista Ahista  Megha Joshi  Hindi 
2007 Khoya Khoya Chand  Nikhat  Hindi 
2007 Chaurahen  Ira  English 
2008 Mumbai Meri Jaan  Rupali Joshi  Hindi 
2008 Dil Kabaddi  Mita  Hindi 
2009 Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge  Neha Chattopadhayay  Hindi 
2009 99 Pooja  Hindi 
2009 Tum Mile  Sanjana  Hindi 
2009 Meridian Lines  Sameera  Hindi / English 
2009 Life Goes On  Diya Banerjee  Hindi 
2010 Mumbai Cutting    Hindi 
2010 Tera Kya Hoga Johnny  Preeti  Hindi 
2011 Soundtrack  Gauri  Hindi 
2012 Midnight's Children  Jamila  English 
2012 Airport    Hindi 
2012 Chaar Phutiya Chokhre    Hindi 
2013 Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns    Hindi  

Tera Kya Hoga Johnny


2008 Bollywood motion picture directed by director Sudhir Mishra, starring child actor Sikander during the cause role. Actors Neil Nitin Mukesh, Kay Kay Menon, Soha Ali Khan and Karan Nath are furthermore part of the film. It furthermore stars 2 moviemakers, Anurag Kashyap and Aditya Bhattacharya.

It was supposed to release in 2008 nevertheless was delayed, it was then place for a early TWO010 release but in January TWO010 it was further delayed because parts of the motion picture were leaked on YouTube while nonetheless undergoing post-production work. Mishra (the director) filed an FIR as well as the police are investigating the descent of the leak.[TWO] Finally it introduced on Dec 31 2010.

The movie is about the urban center of Mumbai, and a child who sells tea on its streets. of the words of the director, "It's place at a time when Mumbai enjoys to be Shanghai." He has additionally listed that he wants to make a sequel on the film


    Sikander Agarwal as Johny
    Neil Nitin Mukesh as Parvez
    Soha Ali Khan as Preeti
    Karan Nath as Vishal
    Kay Kay Menon as Chiple
    Shahana Goswami as Divya
    Saurabh Shukla as Begum
    Vijay Maurya as Chutta
    Ashoke Pandit
    Makrand Deshpande
    Anurag Kashyap as Kashyap (cameo)
    Abhay Deol Special appearance in song 'Shaher Ki Rani'
    Aditya Bhattacharya
    Virendra Saxena
    Pankaj Jha
    Manoj Joshi


Street-smart Johnny sells coffee in Mumbai on a bicycle and has {several|numerous|different|various} {friends|buddies|pals} who he knows he can rely on. When he {gets|will get|receives|becomes|obtains} arrested and abused {by|through|from|via} Inspector Gadgil, {popular|well-liked|well-known|common|favorite|pop} model, Preeti Chawla, comes to his rescue despite of adverse publicity on her {personal|own|individual} affair with Vishal Bhargav. Shortly thereafter he notices bundles of Rupee notes {in the|through the|during the|from the|of the|inside a|in a|in a very|within a|on the} flat of Inspector Shashikant Chiple while delivering coffee, and shares this {information|proof|evidence|research|grounds|facts} with Parvez. Johnny does not {know that|realize that|understand that|be aware that} Parvez is having an affair with Shashikant's wife, Divya, and soon will {make|get ready|put together|prepare} plans to steal the {cash|money|dollars|income|euros} concealed {in the|through the|during the|from the|of the|inside a|in a|in a very|within a|on the} flat - a move {that will|that may|that can|which could} endanger everyone's lives.


User Reviews

{Multiple|Multi|Variable|Adjustable|Numerous} intertwining stories are becoming quite {common|well-liked|well-known|popular|favorite|pop} in Hindi cinema. Examples include ' a Metro', 'Sirf', 'Mumbai Meri Jaan', 'Firaaq' and {now|today} 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny'. In Sudhir Mishra's {film|movie|motion picture|video}, the {common|well-liked|well-known|popular|favorite|pop} link {between|among} the stories {is the|is that the|would be that the|could be that the|is usually that the} title character. Johnny {is a|is really a|can be a|is often a|is usually a} teenager who dreams of going to Dubai {one|1|a single} day and he hopes that {one|1|a single} day he {will get|gets|receives|becomes|obtains} enough m{one|1|a single}y (either {from|through|by|via} Priya, Parvez or a pimp). {However|But|Nevertheless}, {all the|all of the|every {one|1|a single} of the|the many} characters have their {own|personal|individual} struggles, their {own|personal|individual} dreams and ambitions that are {linked|associated|connected|similar|related} with others and it's {only|just|simply|merely} a matter of time that Johnny finds himself involved in their mess.